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Send Money Instantaneously in Secure Way

Kinxtel is linking the diaspora with their partners to send cross-border remittances directly to family and friends with a strong focus on wallet to wallet interoperability.

Users to send money home safely and easily with low fees, transparent and great exchange rates.

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24/7 Service

Send money any time at your convenience


The money is instantaneously deposited to the recipient's m-wallet

Encrypted & Secure

The transactions are fully encrytped and secure with the state of art technology being constantly updated and monitored

Telecom VAS

Telecom VAS: airtime top-up and call termination to 172 countries

Our Process

Transfer Money and Shop Easily

Convenience to transact across platforms the everyday services all from one place and in real time.

Fast Transfer

E-Commerce Marketplace

An e-commerce marketplace with geolocation giving merchants an online access to buyers, delivery providers and other B2B

Digitalization of traditional commerces with suitable inventory and accounting tools

Send Money
Our Services

Our Ways of Transfer Money

Fund your wallet from debit/bank account and send without fee, otherwise use your credit card with low fee.

Cash Deposit

Recipient goes to the nearest affiliated pay-out Agent to withdraw cash.


Funds are directly deposited to Recipient's m-wallet.

Bank Deposit

Sender can opt to transfer money to Recipient's bank account

Card Deposit

Funds can be deposited to prepaid card linked to Recipient's m-wallet for international purchases

Our Features

Shop, transfer and pay bills

We give the user the convenience to transact across platforms and services all from one place and in real time without switching to other providers.

Send/Receive Money, Shop, Top-up, International Calls and Bill Payment.

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Clients Opinion

Kinxtel is at the crossroads of e-commerce and mobile money

We are launching a busines model centered into mobile money transfer and e-commerce marketplace with a centralized platform offering to the: .

Our Partners

Our Partner Programs

You are a business owner, you have customers and want to increase your revenues, you can register with us and sign up customers for our service online or at your retail location. • Great commissions • Multi-channel distribution • Residual income • Products and services.

How It Works

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Kinxtel is a hub providing a central connection for multiple operators and service providers.

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