About Us
Kinxtel Corporation is an international telecom service provider which has been developing its mobile niche among the West African diaspora particularly in the United States. The company provides services in both the retail and wholesale market and has partnered with key international partners to launch an innovative cross-border mobile money solution.
Headquartered in New York, Kinxtel strives to be a hub providing a central connection for operators and service providers to connect for airtime top-up, and international remittance.
Our Mission
To offer access to revolutionary mobile money services to the diaspora in the United States and to populations in West Africa including those who typically would not have access to traditional banking services and to provide differentiated mediums that improve the quality of life of our customers with a goal to exceed their expectations in quality services and fair prices.
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2016 remittance (Africa) in m$

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2016 remittance (Developing countries) in m$

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m-payments potential (m$)

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Our Team Members

Skilled and diversified background members

Our History


“I much appreciate my long-standing relationship with Kinxtel, the place where I go for buying minutes”, S Baba

B Sow

“Excellent service. Very impressed with the quality of the staff and product flexibility. Thank you again”, B Adam

B Adam

“From my initial contact, I have found dealing with Kinxtel Corporation interesting in every way. I'd like to say how extremely happy I am with your services”, D Zeinab

D Zeinab