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Our innovative 2nd gen mobile money platform is versatile, scalable and very secure and can easily integrate, POS, ATM, Card-Based &Cardless Payments and other channels.

- Our Concept
Kinxtel’s concept is to leverage the popularity of the m-money revolution to deliver funds directly to recipient’s m-wallet, bank account or cash out agency without hassle:

Friendly and easy to use services: Kinxtel seeks to make this remittance service the best to use. The process of registration and money sending is easy to use and fast. Clients can register for the first time and send money in a few minutes. It will require only the client to login and fill in the details. 

Automated messaging service for both Short Messaging and email will be used to notify the senders and the recipients that money has been sent and is being processed respectively. The sender in this case does not have to call the recipient informing him/her that the money has been sent. A short message or email will have already been sent once the transaction is completed by the sender.  

Efficiency: In addition, Kinxtel’s remittance solution aims to remove all unnecessary procedures involving agents and brokers. Customers waste time as they go to the agents, fill in the forms and call. For the most widely remittance agents, customers may spend sometime in the queues as they wait to be served. Removing such will ensure the money gets to the recipient fast without having to go to an agent or automated teller machines.  

Cost: Most of the money transfer providers are relatively expensive. In addition to the normal service charges, senders have to spend some money on fare and airtime to communicate with the recipients. Our remittance solution intends to solve this by removing agents and having an automated Short Messaging Service and or email message to both the sender and recipient of the funds. 

Adoption of state of the art security system: With the cyber-crime, money laundering and online fraud increasing, Kinxtel’s platform will be using high security system that will safeguard client information, authenticate senders and recipient information and details, allow stringent authentication of transactions to bar cyber and fraud criminals and comply with the anti-money laundering regulations and anti-fraud requirements.   

Adoption of state of the art service: Our remittance solution will have state of the art service. To send money, the client will be only required to login to their accounts using their mobile phones or personal computers and fill in the details. We also introduce USSD money sending service that will allow people without computers or internet connection or internet enabled phones to use the remittance service. The money they input will be deducted from their bank accounts using VISA or Master Cards or from the e-wallets. This guarantees security as customers do not have to carry money around. 


Our innovative 2nd gen mobile money platform is versatile, scalable and very secure and can easily integrate, POS, ATM, Card-Based & Cardless Payments and other channels.


Time is precious, no unnecessary queues at bank! Money is added instantly to your m-wallets. Save the worry and hassle of paying bank fees.

Our mobile wallet downloadable to mobile devices allows users to conduct a wide array of financial services conveniently and securely through their phones without any bank account and to perform international money transfers to their friends and family.

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We target both banked and unbanked users and provide affordable and secured alternatives for money transfers.