Why Choose Us

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API Interconnection

Kinxtel is to be a hub providing a central connection for multiple operators and service providers.

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The company provides services in both the retail and wholesale market

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High Quality

High-quality prepaid international calling service with no hidden fees and contracts

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Good Rates

Get the best international calling rates with premium quality to over 175 destination countries.

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Easy Setup

You can instantly top up mobile airtime to your friends and family

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Secure Connection

With crystal clear conversations, low rates and no hidden fees

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Safe and instant

The recipient phone number abroad will be recharged safely and instantly with the amount requested

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Senders can initiate the transaction by calling the customer service number or going online

Your Affordable Rates

Starting At
  • No Setup Fees
  • Professionally Recorded Greeting
  • Conference Bridge
  • VOIP Mobile App
  • Team Presence
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting At
Pro Plus
  • No Setup Fees
  • Professionally Recorded Greeting
  • Conference Bridge
  • VOIP Mobile App
  • Team Presence
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting At
  • No Setup Fees
  • Professionally Recorded Greeting
  • Conference Bridge
  • VOIP Mobile App
  • Team Presence
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support

Telecom and M-Money Services

Pay as you go or use our auto top-up feature.

Users to send money home safely and easily with low fees and great exchange rates.

  • instant
  • user-friendly
  • affordable
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You are a business owner, you have customers and want to increase your revenues, please register with us and sign up customers for our service online or at your retail location.

  • Great commissions
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Residual income
  • Products and services
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kinxtel Dialer?

Kinxtel Dialer is a prepaid international calling plan you can use with any phone in the US to make affordable international long distance calls to virtually anywhere worldwide. And, with Kinxtel Dialer you’ll save on every international call you make.


How do I sign up for Kinxtel Dialer?

Signing up for Kinxtel Dialer is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Use the rate finder to view our best rate to call to any country from the US.
  2. Click on the Signup button to create your secure online account.
  3. Instantly begin using and saving with Kinxtel Dialer.


Can I make a phone call to an international cell phone with Kinxtel Dialer?

Yes. Our rates to international mobile numbers are among the services’ best features.


Do Kinxtel Dialer minutes expire?

No, minutes do not expire.


How do I recharge my account?

Recharging your account simply means to add more minutes to your existing account. You can recharge your Kinxtel Dialer calling plan manually by logging into your online account or setup auto-recharge to have minutes automatically added to your account whenever your available minutes run low. You can also setup auto-recharge.


Is there a monthly fee to use Kinxtel Dialer?

No. You only pay the low advertised per minute country rate to call to international land lines and cell phones from the US.


In what denominations can I top-up/recharge?

You can recharge your Kinxtel Dialer account for a minimum of $2.


In what denominations can I top-up?

You can top up account for a minimum of $10.


What is Auto Recharge?

Sign up for Auto Recharge under the My Account page and we will recharge your account with a fixed amount whenever your account falls below a set amount. Never run out of minutes! You can terminate your auto-top-up settings any time, online.


What is PINless dialing?

PINless dialing (ANI recognition) is a feature that removes the need for you to dial a long PIN number every time you want to make a call. Kinxtel Dialer will automatically recognize any phone number stored in your online account.


Does Kinxtel Dialer offer speed dialing?

Yes. You can store multiple speed dial phone numbers in your Kinxtel Dialer account. These numbers may be added and deleted by you.